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OCTOBER 2014 ++ UPDATE ++ We hear a rumour that the Boys are recording again – keep checking back for more information as we get it

STOP PRESS – Get Out And Walk has been re-released in May 2009

Order your copy on Amazon

Thanks for dropping by. This is the ‘Official Unofficial Website’ because although it is mainly fArmERs bOys fans who provide content, Colin (the founder of the site) managed to get contributions from some of the band, and every now and again we hear from the chaps and update us on what they are doing now or send us a tale from life on the road way back then. Stan has been in regular touch to let us know about the progress of the re-release of Get Out and Walk and we’re chuffed to bits that it’s finally been re-released. Anyway, pull up a chair, have a look round and take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy. Oh and the latest news is here.

Some general safety announcements:

Comments are allowed on the blog, news and releases page. Please feel free to use them to record your visit or to share an opinion on the ‘melodic and unashamedly pop’ phenomenon that is the Farmers Boys. No flaming, no spitting, no petting.

We’ve had to implement captchas to stop the spam so if you are using assistive technology (such as screen readers) and want to add a comment, please mail the developers with your details and we will add it on your behalf. We are committed to making this site accessible to all.

Update March 2011
Comments are still moderated so don’t get upset if yours doesn’t appear immediately – unless you’re a spammer, in which case you should go cry in a corner and think about what you’ve done. Or get out more.

For information about getting your mits on a copy of Get out and walk then check out the latest news.

You can also now buy What We Did In Our Holidays from The Great Outdoors on Amazon. It’ll also be available on iTunes – we’ll keep you posted!

PS – This is not the Farmer Boys website (This doesn’t look like an industrial rock metal fansite really does it?) We’d add a link to their site but we can’t find it – sorry. We don’t do hamburgers either.


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